Xap not updating

If you store a large number of Space objects from the same class type in the space, consider defining one or more indexes for attributes used with template matching or SQL Query.

Defining indexes will improve the operations response time, so choose your indexed fields carefully - each index has an overhead.

The Status Screen provides applicants with general information regarding their progress towards fulfilling the admission requirements.

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Separate and distinct applications are required to register, and for the moral character determination, First-Year Law Students' Examination, California Bar Examination, and the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination.

This section lists helpful recommendations for tuning your application when using XAP to boost its performance, and improving its scalability.

Consider embedded relationship model when possible instead of having separate space objects. Will provide access directly to the data without any broadcast calls to the entire cluster. Pay attention to the size of your space class – do you really need all this information in the space?

The updates downloaded alone require around 900MB of space.

After it's finished, Windows 10 Mobile build 10586.164 takes 2.46GB on my Lumia 530. Windows Update always prefers to download updates to the local phone storage.

However, if you (and your users) can live with the first dialog (the warning), you can at least get the auto-update feature. Visual Studio can do this for you, when you indicate you want to sign your assembly.

This is not the same as signing your XAP, but we need this step to create the PFX file.

Having recently upgraded my daily driver Lumia 925 to Windows 10, it was time to upgrade my dev phone too.

The Lumia 530 isn't officially supported anymore — and probably never will be.

Use the Iterator Builder when accessing large amount of objects. The bigger your space objects, the longer it takes to move them around, store them to disk, and fetch them back.

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