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Someone you’ll stay with, and who will show you around his city. When you think of Spanish food, tapas automatically comes to mind and you’ll find lots of great tapas bars close to the hotel.

Human brain together with eyes are marvellous organ which has done wonders.

Sometimes, it is said that in human heart, eyes and brain all are connected in a different way and all these parts perform in a single operation together associated with certain feelings.

There are several defects of eyes associated with humans such as presbyopia, hypermetropia, myopia, astigmatism.

Even eye operations are sometimes needed keeping in view these problems related to sight.

Human brain is complex and it manipulates the electric signals sent out by various organs including that of the eyes.

Our brain then interprets on the received signal to perceive the objects which we see around us and respond accordingly.

Shanon Cook: Hi, I'm Shanon Cook, mom of one with another one on the way. Shanon: Now, what if I'm saying, "I want an epidural!

Now, when you first arrive at the hospital and you're in labor, you might not necessarily be in the mood to check out your surroundings and ask questions. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital in New York City to take a tour of the labor and delivery ward, and joining me is Ashley Leffew, which is a French name. " I'm not necessarily going to get one straight away, am I? So there's a few things we have to do before you get an epidural.

I guess that this would be the reason for which they keep this old-ish layout.

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And then this is the belly band that goes on, and this is what keeps the monitors on. So we would have you go change into your gown, give us a urine sample, and then come back, and then I would get you on the monitor.

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